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Thankfulness Collection Set

Thankfulness Collection Set

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Thank you cards that express gratitude to your people and give God the glory. Each pack comes with four 3.5x5 inch cards, a light blue or light green envelope, and envelope stickers. 

Card 1: Thankful to God. Grateful for you
Card 2: Thank you, Lord for this friend
Card 3: Grateful Thankful Blessed
Card 4: I am thanking God for you

The idea for these cards came from reading Practicing Affirmation by Sam Crabtree: “In the Scriptures, (Paul) didn’t thank people for things; he thanked God for people. Paul’s practice is, “I thank God for you.” Yes, the person is refreshed by the expression of gratitude, but God gets the glory. We are wise to give God-centered thank-yous and God-centered affirmations.” p. 18

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