Events You Need To Know Over The Next 8 Weeks: Oct. + Nov. Edition

Events You Need To Know Over The Next 8 Weeks: Oct. + Nov. Edition

Every day is national ____ something___ day.

And let me tell you: it’s weird out there people. 

But I’m going to boil it down for you and compile a handful of the days coming up that you may want to use as an excuse to pray for and reach out to the people in your life that fall into those categories.

Some suggestions of what to write in a card:

  • Tell them the good you see God doing in them.
  • List the things you appreciate about them.
  • Affirm them in their gifting, skills, personality or efforts. 
  • Remind them of truths from God’s word.
  • Pray over them and tell them what the Spirit brought to mind:

So, here’s what’s happening in the next two months that you may want to prep your cards for:

  1. Pastor Appreciation Month: October, (a specific date is also set for October 8)
  2. Custodial Appreciation Day: October 2
  3. World Smile Day: First Friday in October (October 6)
  4. National Hero Day: October 8
  5. National Farmer’s Day: October 12
  6. National I love you Day: October 14
  7. National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day: October 15
  8. National Boss’ Day: October 16
  9. National Prayer Day: October 18
  10. Sweetest Day: third Saturday in October (October 21 - I also remember my dad celebrating this day for some reason.)
  11. National Day of the Deployed - October 26
  12. National First Responders Day - October 28
  13. National Mother-In-Law-Day: fourth Sunday in October (October 22)
  14. Military Family Month: November
  15. National Adoption Month: November
  16. World Adoption Day - November 9  (The National Adoption Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 18)
  17. Veteran’s Day: November 11
  18. Friendsgiving: Whenever you plan on celebrating with friends!
  19. Thanksgiving: fourth Thursday in November (November 23)
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