The Para Process

Ask | Pray | Write | Send

Building new rhythms and habits into our lives can be difficult, that's why we have a simple process to help you incorporate prayer and encouragement into your life.

Once a week, set aside 15-30 minutes to:

Ask - Ask the Holy Spirit who needs encouragement and truth. Whether you’re starting with a card and asking him for a person to pray for OR you’re starting with a person and asking which truth they need reminding of.

Pray - When you’ve got a person and a card matched up, take time to pray that truth over them. Remember, we have confidence that when we ask anything in God's will, he hears and answers us (1 John 5:14-15).

Write - Get specific as you write your note. Add in specific things you see God doing in the person or specific things God brought to mind as you prayed.

Send - Tuck that card in the envelope, add some colorful flare with stamps and stickers, and send away. Snail mail has a special effect when the recipient holds onto the card, knowing you took time aside to pray for, write a note, and encourage them.