The Para Process

Ask | Pray | Write | Send

Sometimes, we can overcomplicate the Christian life. Being "on-mission" or building up the Church doesn't have to be difficult. 

Sometimes, all it takes is being in tune with what God is doing in the people around. So grab your Para Paper Co. cards (or any card and a Bible) and do the Para Process: Ask. Pray. Write. Send. 

Ask - Ask the Holy Spirit who needs encouragement and truth reminders. Whether you’re starting with a card and asking him for a person to pray for OR you’re starting with a person and asking which truth they need reminding of - just ask and pay attention to who comes to mind from the Spirit.

Pray - When you’ve got a person and a card matched up, take time to pray that truth over them. Remember, we have confidence that when we ask anything in God's will, he hears and answers us (1 John 5:14-15). So pray with confidence God's truth over them. 

Write - Now grab your pen, and write down the encouragement that comes to mind. Don't forget to get specific as you write your note. Add in examples of how you see God working in the person or specific things God brought to mind as you prayed.

Send - Tuck that card in the envelope, add some colorful flare with stamps and the envelope sticker that comes with each card, and send it on its way. Snail mail has a unique effect of communicating care when the recipient can hold onto the physical card, knowing you took time aside to pray for and write the note to encourage them.