Stop Using These Three Christian Cliches (& What To Say Instead)

Stop Using These Three Christian Cliches (& What To Say Instead)

Stop using these three cliches if you want to give your friends encouragement that actually strengthens.

❌ “Everything happens for a reason.”

This may be true, but can feel to the them like you’re trying to wave a magic wand over their hurts.

✅ Instead, say this or give this card:

“This won’t be wasted” and reminding them of scripture that tells us how God uses trials in our life for our good and His glory will give them a solid truth to hold onto when the hard is hurting.


❌ “God never gives you more than you can handle.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe God’s giving an amount only He can handle and they’re being called to rely on Him.

Instead, say this or give this card:

“You can do Hard Things” and remind them of scripture about how God works in us, giving us what we need in each moment by the power of the Spirit.

❌ “God is always with you.”

Ok, this not a cliche - it’s truth. But! You can take it a step further.

✅ To enhance it: affirm your relationship with them and remind them that, yes God is with them, but so are you. Say this or give a card that says:

“The burden may be yours to carry, but you don’t have to walk alone.”


“You are seen. You are loved. By God and by me.” (And has verses to support.)



🗣️ I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it….

We do not need to settle for fluff and flattery when we’ve got timeless truths that strengthens souls found in God’s word!

I created Para Paper Co. cards as tools to lead us into a ministry of prayer and affirmation so we can be the

  • church building ⛪️,
  • truth speaking 🗣️,
  • fighting in prayer 🙏,
  • flock loving 🐑, 
  • Jesus representing ✝️,
  • joy-filled 😊,
  • Spirit assured 🤍
FRIENDS we’re called to be. You in?! 🙌 

👇 Let’s hear it in the comments: Which Christian cliche phrase do you think needs to be banned? 🙅🏻‍♀️



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