Your Guide for May: Cards + Gifts for all the events that sneak up on you this month

Your Guide for May: Cards + Gifts for all the events that sneak up on you this month

It happens to me every year... I get tricked by May.

It's sneaky because we're finally thawing from winter, getting all excited and relaxed with the warm weather, and then WHAM! 

May happenings hit hard. 

Events and activities, holidays and end-of-the-year banquets, birthdays and graduations.


And what adds to the stress of May is that you're not just attending functions, but you need to bring along gifts or cards or notes to show your appreciation or congrats.

So often, I'm extra stressed because we're trying to get out the door and I'm grabbing whatever stationery I can find to write a quick note.

Does this happen to you too?

Let's change that and get prepared.

Here's what coming up this May that you may want to be prepared for with a card, and suggestions for Para cards to use for these events.

Did I miss any? Leave a comment and share what you'd add in.  


May 6 - 10  |  Teacher Appreciation Week

Besides your kids’ main teachers, are there aids or specials or elective teachers that your child connects with in regular ways?


May 8  |  Receptionist Day


May 12  |  Mother’s Day

Get a checklist going for whatever of these is necessary - mom, mother-in-law, your sister, any friends you want to encourage, any new moms you want to build up, or women walking through infertility that you want to acknowledge.

Sweet and sincere statements:


Get specific and choose qualities or characteristics you see in them:


 For the woman who may be hurting this Mother's Day:


May 27  |  Memorial Day

Are there any families who you want to honor and show support to who have lost a loved one who served our country?
Are there any parties you’ll be attending that you need to bring food to or want to acknowledge the host with a card or gift?


  1. Think through the people in your life who will be graduating.
  2. College is typically the second or third week of May.
  3. High School and Middle School graduations will begin at the end of May and go through the beginning of June.

I like to use graduation cards as blessings and prayers ...


OR as a way to specifically affirm good personality qualities or character growth.


Extracurricular End of Year Banquets, Recitals, and Celebrations

What sports coaches, music teachers, Awana and youth group leaders, or other recreational instructors do you want to acknowledge and thank for the ways they’ve invested in your kids?

Birthdays + Anniversaries

Ok, now last but not least, who has birthdays and anniversaries this month that you want to celebrate? Make your list and add in the first week of June so you’re not taken by surprise with anyone there.

Showers + Weddings

Because it’s Spring and warm, all the lovey-dovey events seem to ramp up as well. Check your calendar - do you have baby showers, wedding showers, or weddings happening this May?


Now take breath.
Schedule 10 minutes with the Lord to center yourself.
And remember to take it day by day.
We got this.

Also, friendly remember - you get to choose what you want to do. You don't need to write a card to all the people that fit all the categories. Prioritize what matters to you and your family, and go do that. 

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